Rovinj is a fishing port on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula. It is known to be one of the last true fishing ports in the Mediterranean. It has a very peculiar format, it’s a headland with St. Euphemia Cathedral at the top of the hill and narrow houses all the way down until the seafront.


Its Main Street is full of shops and if you walk until the end it will take you to the Port. Here you can see tourist boats with tours to its 14 islands. You will also notice the fishermen boats. A mix between a well preserved historic city and the boom of tourism seen in Croatia in the last years. Right in front you can see the Katarina Island but make sure you turn your back to it so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the colourful crowded houses that are part of the Old Town.

When entering the Old Town take a moment to grasp its cobbled narrow streets. Most buildings have kept its old façade absorbing your sense of time. These streets are covered with restaurants, shops and bars. Wandering the streets, we found a cute little cafe with a terrace overlooking the ocean.


You will most certainly get lost in the picturesque streets of the city of Rovinj and consumed by its unique charm.


Let me know if you are planing a visit soon, will be happy to offer you some insights!


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